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Debut collection
ahyɛaseɛ collection

Ahyɛaseɛ translates to "beginnings." It draws inspiration from the ideology surrounding the Garden of Eden, where the journey of life began. The collection features an array of clothing with modern designs and vibrant patterns, creating an aesthetic that aims to uplift women and accentuate the vibrancy of African culture. Ahyɛaseɛ is centred on a woman's journey and the transformation that goes on in her life, especially in these testing times where we are constantly challenged to do better and adapt to changes. Each piece is crafted to suit her everyday lifestyle with elegance and comfort while accentuating and emphasizing her beauty.The collection is handmade to exhibit originality, artistry and beauty while attaining style, elegance and comfort.

A campaign

Accra vibes

We created magic in Accra this summer and we can't wait to show you :)

Fafa dress

loveee itt. Material is excellent


Eyram dress

it looks amazing and quality is A1


Yaaba set

loveee the clothing so much this is hands down the best quality details and all


The print is FABULOUS! it's quality, decent, comfortable and fits as I expected.I feel like a BOSS IN IT TOO. Best dress I've ever owned so far.You really did your thing Nackah !


Nackah is just amazing,I'm so amazed and I'm beyond excited to see what else Nackah will bring in the future! I love how everything about Nackah is done so thoughtfully, from the quality of the pieces, to the packaging"