Nackah : The Story, Vision, and Journey

Nackah : The Story, Vision, and Journey




The paradigm of Nackah rests in the omnificent bosom of a Ghanaian woman, Justina Ackah, whose reverence for stylishness stems from a desire to propel African fashion to the global forefront, as she believed the realm of design has historically excluded Afrocentrism. Driven by this paragon, after two years of deliberation and studies of the style trends of Ghana, Nackah was moulded into a fashion anatomy which forms gracefulness as its skeleton, and opulence with endearing panache at its heart.


Nackah performs with doubly operations in Accra, Ghana and Toronto, Canada, functioning on the backbone of a tight-knit couturier team, who handcraft designs with three reveries in the mind-frame of what the Nackah pieces are meant to embody, that being the creation of easy-to wear pieces, stand out-pieces and the celebration of African culture at its core.


Concerning the integrand of easy-to wear pieces, Nackah customizes its apparel in a layout which primarily ensures the synthesis of effortlessness, meaning the pieces are designed with a lucid craft of wearing for clients, exemplary in the simplicity of the button-up style of the Yaaba shirt.


On an ever incessant path of advancement, Nackah pieces remain plush when slipped into for long-lasting hours, emulating the warmth of the passage of dawn to dusk. This is attained through the use of soft, lush fabric, ranging from the likes of lavish satin to cotton, granting the garments to drape on the body of Nackah’s patrons in a snug and shapely accentuation.


Nackah’s veneration for comfort broadens to a desire for its pieces to be nonpareil. This proclivity for uniqueness reflects in the harlequin prints and patterns its team handpicks. 80% of the fabric prints are designed exclusively by the Nackah team to nurture ingenuity, whilst the remaining 20% is from the contribution of pattern makers across the world to allow an expression of collaboration and creativity. Nackah is embarking towards the path of becoming a 100% sustainable by the year 2023. This artistic technique helps breathe effervescent life into the architecture of Nackah’s designs.


As such, Nackah prizes itself on vibrancy and beauty, with a balmy orange acting as the base of its prints, placed to exude the cheerful femininity intended for Nackah’s patrons to experience. The allure with which these prints are sewn into to form Nackah’s clothing, are sure to bring out the confidence within to grant the pieces its timelessness and singularity. Nackah heartily provides the liberty of making a grand entrance, or imprinting an unforgettable statement for a variance of occasions, be it at brunch, dinner, or galas.


Tethered to the core values of Nackah’s pieces is its aim to celebrate African culture, with its kaleidoscopic prints and patterns being inspired by the spirited history of African art. This reflects in our use of geometric shapes, akin to the Kente cloth of the Asante and Ewe tribes of Ghana, which are woven with shapes of vertical lines, zigzags and diamonds to create a larger textile. This method of pulling together various shapes was integral to Nackah’s creative process because it paints a visual pull into sea of shapes, which can inaugurate Nackah’s patrons to universes rich in imagination and fervor when their eyes rest on the pieces. Nackah is an ode to the African culture which engraved the character and nonconformity of its founder, and as a result, lies as the foundation of the tailored pieces which crowns its brand.


The forenamed ambitions of Nackah echoes its wishes for its clients. Nackah seeks to create a haven which boosts self-esteem and self-assuredness, unshakeably bold in presentation and appearance. Nackah is a journey which will proclaim the story of a brand forged to be accessible to all who fancy an exploration of womanliness and exuberance. Nackah is not simply about clothes, but a holistic experience awaiting the contemporary Nackah woman. The Nackah woman is one who is focused on a journey of greatness, and shall not relent until she touches her goal, just as its founder, Justina Ackah, who did not falter in crafting the tour de force which is this fashion line today.


This intricate story of Nackah is written from the crevices of Justina Ackah’s love and passion not only for fashion, but for the community which has been fostered and the future additions to the community Nackah seeks to reach and connect to. It is to build an in depth understanding of Nackah’s principles on culture, beauty and poise, as well as an opportunity to scour Nackah’s personality and essence. This is only the genesis of Nackah, and there lives profound hope that with the stream of time it will grow into an entity which nests on virtue.


Nackah; for the bold and adventuresome woman. Born to share a visual story of art, femininity and community, from the shimmering realm of Ghana.

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