The story of Nackah details on how the footprints of its journey thus far is simply a genesis of the greatness to come, which necessitated a collection which emulated this emergence – from this, Ahyɛaseɛ was born.


Ahyɛaseɛ is an Akan word from the Ghanaian language of Twi, which translates to “beginnings”. This name selection draws inspiration from the Bible teachings on the Garden of Eden, which details the inception of life and the trajectory of the world’s shaping following the events in this sacred space. This was a fitting form of ingenuity as the tenets of Nackah lie in the religion of Christianity, where its pieces are designed for women with scriptural values on modesty and classiness.


The collection features an assemblage of modern clothing spanning from lounge wear, nightwear, and day wear, acting as a complete wardrobe which prizes itself on versatility  for luxurious activities, such as  sunlit Parisian vacations, or warm family gatherings. Ahyɛaseɛ is centred on a woman's journey and the transformations she experiences with each passing day, especially in the midst of these testing times which constantly necessitate improvement and rapid adaptation to the metamorphosis of the world. Each piece is crafted to suit her everyday lifestyle with plushness and opulence, whilst accentuating and emphasizing her inner and outer beauty.


The aesthetic of the collection is one which seeks to uphold the vitality of African culture, through a breathtaking enmeshment of effervescent colors, intricate shapes, and unique patterns. Each feature of the crafted aesthetic fits into the larger picture of the message Nackah wishes to communicate to its community.


In the vein of Drop 1, a summery orange acts as the base of the prints designs to signify boldness. This estival color is accompanied by hues of lush cerulean, blush and bronzed hues which resound Nackah’s values of femininity and sensuous beauty. The prints on the pieces are accentuated by soft ripples of circles, which leave what one can perceive as sand dunes, or seas, or hills, akin to the terrain across the African continent, whilst complimenting the shape and silhouette of the Nackah woman as she struts.


Majority of the prints were designed exclusively for the brand, which aligns with the intention of Drop 1 – to position the Nackah woman as the focus and highlight of every occasion she graces, sculpting her as the star of every world she glimmers in.


The microcosms of Drop 1 are further illuminated in Drop 2, which employs an azure blue as its base color for the collection. Blue signifies responsibility, which aligns with how the collection is shaped to celebrate the intricacies of womanhood – be it the self-sufficient student juggling the demands of an education and a career, the unwavering mother, or the leisurely auntie, Drop 2 symbolizes the fortitude women exude in each waking day.



Drop 2 at its core traces the life of the Nackah woman, being the routine of her day, what tasks she loves to perform, what she priorities in her life; from family, to work, to platonic and romantic relationships, and most importantly, enjoyment. The Nackah woman is a go-getter, one who shoots past the looming face of fear to pursue her desires. Her journey brims with bliss in spite of its obstacles, thanks to her infinite optimism and faith. The Nackah pieces compliments this lifestyle of admirable and warming strength, providing the comfort and confidence needed to steer along with the demands of her day.


The campaign video crafts the story of Drop 1 and Drop 2 holistically, to serve as a reminder of the timelessness of each piece. Nackah designs remain relevant and age freshly with every trend and season, conveying how sustainability is a source of nourishment for this devoted brand.


With this detail, Ahyɛaseɛ invites you to step into a universe of luxury and glamour beyond the scope of your imagination. Nackah drives to shine a light to the beauty of all, through a story of exuberance and vibrancy.


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